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How to Be Successful in Real Estate Investing

April 28, 2020 0 comment

Being successful in real estate investment doesn’t happen all of a sudden. There’s no magic wand you can use to instantly become a real estate millionaire. Instead, you have to be strategic and follow some simple tips. But what are these tips? Glad you asked!

Make money when you buy

This is key when it comes to investing in real estate. You either need to buy into immediate equity, cash flow, something that you can strategically remodel to improve rent or maybe find a combination of these factors. Avoid buying at market value for market rents without allowing yourself any room for enhancement and earning more profit. 

Buying into a significant amount of equity or cash flow can almost eliminate the majority of your risk going into that investment. Ideally, there should be some type of upside when you purchase an investment property.

Create checklists

Creating checklists along the timeline of your investment will help you stay organized. Have your goals written down and visible at all times, as well as knowing exactly what you have to get done and when

You can use checklists to identify what kind of expert help you might need, which points you should cover when you do market research, what you have to pay attention to during the property inspection, which are the renovation items to take care of, and so on. It’s important to stay on task because time is money when it comes to real estate investing.

Don’t get emotionally attached to the deal

Remember: it’s an investment property, not a dream house. Although putting the deal together and watching everything fall into place can be very exciting, don’t fall into the trap of getting emotionally attached to the property. Always make sure that the numbers are working as an investment in both the short and long term and are within your risk tolerances. Even if a single-family home you buy to flip looks similar to the house you grew up with after renovation, keep with your strategy and sell it for profit.

Have a big picture with a laser-like focus

When you’re investing in real estate, you’re working with localized markets and every single area is different. Don’t get too caught up with headlines and national trends because, at the end of the day, real estate is all about micro-economies. Treat each property and area as an individual investment opportunity.

Think of real estate similarly to how you would think of stocks: every single stock will be different – some overvalued, some undervalued, some might go up in value at the same time others are crashing to the ground. 

In real estate, it’s the specifics of every single property in every city that really makes the difference. Of course, you should also follow wider data, since it will have an overall impact on the economy, but it’s crucial to have a laser-like focus on the area you want to invest in. 

Know your strengths and weaknesses

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, thus it’s essential to understand yours. Identify your strengths with respect to real estate investing – this will allow you to focus on the aspects you truly enjoy about this business.

Knowing your weaknesses is also key as it helps you spot those areas which you need to improve. Once you’ve done that, start reading books and blogs, attending courses, or talking to professionals who can help you get better.

These are some of the most important tips you should keep in mind every time you invest in real estate. 

Besides all of these, it’s also super important that you know how you’re going to pay for the investment properties you want to purchase. Get in touch with a trustworthy private lender and learn your options. Talk to an expert and figure out which loan program is the best for your investment plan. 

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