General Guidelines

  • Rates Start at 9.50% Interest Only
  • No Income Qualification
  • Non-Owner Occupied Properties Only
  • 1 Year Term
  • 70% LTV
  • Soft Costs Included

Get Your Ground Up Construction Loan Quickly

Apollo Square Capital takes the guesswork out of acquiring a real estate investment loan. Expect approvals in as little as 24 hours and funds transferred into your account in as little as 7 business days. With high LTV ratios, you can quickly tap into your existing equity and be on your way to funding your next investment.




What is an Apollo Build loan?

Apollo Build loans loans are heavy rehab loans used by real estate investors seeking to purchase properties to utilize and update the property footprint to create a larger, more updated home on the same lot.

I want to update and flip my new investment property. Why would I choose a Heavy Rehab loan instead of a Fix and Flip?

With one-third of US homes having not been updated in 20 years, as an investor you may decide it’s a better option to scrape and flip the property in order to gain a higher profit, rather than simply renovating it. For a heavy rehab or ground up construction, loan terms can go up to 3 years, giving you more time to complete the project.

How fast can I expect to receive investment funding?

Once you fill out an online application (a quick process that takes only 5 minutes), you can expect to hear back from us in as little as 24 hours for loan approval. Once approved, you can expect to receive funding from your loan in as little as 7 business days.  Apply for a loan today.

Why should I choose Apollo Square Capital over my bank or another lender?

Apollo Square Capital is backed by the largest asset management firm in the nation and our team has decades of real estate investment experience in every category, so you can be confident in both our ability to back the loan and our expertise in getting you the best deal available in the shortest amount of time.

Real estate investors also have the opportunity to partner with just one investment lender on multiple projects since we offer loan programs in 11 different categories, including both residential and commercial.

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